Sustainability Efforts

Sustainability Efforts

We are extremely grateful for our beautiful riverside location and increasingly aware of the way our behaviour can negatively impact our environment and our community

We are on a journey and whilst we are not always able to invest in large “green” projects with high visibility – we have been encouraged by our Sustainability coach – Dominique King – to look at the small steps we can take to make an impact. We have found the most surprising benefit in developing a sustainability strategy is the sense of enjoyment and sense of purpose that our team have gained from our conversations as a united workforce.

Please read on to see a few of the efforts we have made this past year to improve the sustainability of our business.

Composting vegetable waste C/O Oakwood Market Garden

Replacing chemical usage with vinegar and E-Cloth cleaning system

Recycling all possible waste

Sourcing from our fantastic local producers — investing in local business and reducing our carbon footprint

Nurturing our small herb garden

Installing 3 x EV charging points and installing LED lighting

Reducing paper waste by digital recording and monitoring

Reducing single use plastics eg: pump action soaps in rooms (house bath salts) eliminating sachets

Using recycled / compostable products: eg: Boat House carpets, coffee cups, takeaway packaging, straws, chefs uniforms, sauce pots

Reinforcing insulation throughout the building

Expanding vegetarian and vegan options on our menu

Investing in new kitchen equipment to enable the team to work more efficiently and reduce stress

Investing in additional bike storage

Offering free ice cream in exchange for litter collected from the river bank

Offering free use of our Pine Loft and complimentary tea/coffee to local community groups and charities

Reducing supplier packaging by starting a conversation then offering to store and return boxes and investing in cold boxes for the drop off chilled goods

We welcome input from our suppliers and our customers as well as our team – please get in touch if you think we could do things differently.